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Ever wonder what your Angels are trying to tell you? Or even what they look like? 

Lori Ross is a gifted intuitive. She can interpret & deliver messages your angels want you to hear. Book online to see her Sundays at Full Circle Beauty Room. Book Angel & Palm Readings together for extra in depth understanding of your path.

Angel Readings

​with Lori Ross

Salon Software

DoTterra Essential OIls

Used in your skin care, wellness & beauty 
products. these essential oils are certified to be pure, clean, safe & therapeutic.
If you need an oil, carrier oil, or would like a custom blend made, call or stop by & I will make it for you!
Freshly made products are always the best. 

Sound Healing

Acutonics are tuning forks placed on the body. Gentle vibrations to shake "it" out.

Ayurvedic Micro-Peel

Using fruit acids + diamond tipped wand to effetively remove spots,  lines & wrinkles

Eyebrow waxing

Get perfectly shaped brows. Learn to fill them in naturally. Tinting also available.

Sugar for hair removal

Ancient Egyptian technique to hairlessness. Lasts 4-6 weeks between appointments.  

 mehndi (henna)

   for fun or for an event, get decorated!

2 makeup & henna artists available for parties

Ayurvedic products

 custom made for you & your dosha, help your skin stay healthy with Mother Natue.