"I felt like i was in a cedar forest when the drumming started. IT FELT PEACFUL, finally relaxed" ~t.S.,

Chakra client 2014

How does a Chakra Balancing Sound Bath work? 

What do you need to prepare?

1. Ayurvedic Dosha evaluation + Palm Reading to see what you will you need.  Arrive 15mins early in light clothing to fill out your questionairre (or fill our prior) + a short palm reading.

2. Sound Bath: Lying down, you will receive  Aromatherapy, Tibetan singing bowls, percussion & sounds of the solar system, played live for you on & around your body. This allows the mind + body to be put back into healthy alignment with the planetary motions.  90mins of deep relaxation  to get your brainwaves rolling into the Delta phase (meditatiive state)

3. Packet of Personalized Information regarding your session, chakras + dosha balancing meditations, questions & explantions are answered afterwards Continued meditaiton practice heps maintain results.. 90mins/$120

"its all aboutthe Music of the Sphears."



Acutonics (R)


Matrix ENERGetics



Visit them at Whispering Dragon

 in Greenwood for an incredible meditative Sound-Healing experience in a room full of gongs & other percussion intruments. 

​I love my instructors!



What does a

chakra SOund Bath do?

Learn about meditation, mantras & Chakras with a personalized packet pf information about your dosha & chakras (your energy!)

  • Heal your Heart Chakra
  • Stabilize emotions, find grounding in the Root chakra
  • Improve sleep, dreams, digestion, & energy function (3rd eye)
  • Alleviate stres
  • Clearer thinking & calmer mind & body
  • Work through PTSD 
  • Relieve body & mind 
  • Improve positive manifestations in Life
  • Feel rejuvenated (ojas! Strong Aura)
  • Help for Children as well, bed-wetting & stregthening self-confidence. Great for hyper-sensitie kids. They learn to use meditaion as a tool throughout their lives.
  • Group sessions available

Sound of Music Facial

Ayurvedic European Facial with essential oils,  tuning forks on your face, ears & head, to gently vibrate you into bliss, stimulating mind & body to release old patterns. Learn about essential oils & skin care & how it relates to your

total wellness. 



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"For years I didnt sleep through the night due to stress.  I slept like a ROCK after a sound bath by Lauren.

Highly reccomend it!"



Salon Software

Other Chakra Related Services:

-Palm Reading $30-60 (30-60mins)

-Chakra Reading  $20-60 (20-60mins)

-Shirodhara $120

-Abhyanga (warm body oil) $80

-Angel Readings & Reiki by Lori $60-90

free skin consult