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"my whole body tingled and shifted as the sounds were played"


How does a Chakra Balancing Sound Bath work? 

What do you need to prepare?

1. Ayurvedic Dosha evaluation + Palm Reading to see what you will you need.  Arrive 15mins early in light clothing to fill out your questionairre (or fill our prior) + a short palm reading.

2. Sound Bath: Lying down, you will receive 60mins of tuning forks,  Aromatherapy, Tibetan singing bowls, percussion & sounds of the solar system, played live for you on & around your body. This allows the mind + body to unwind and retoer itself into healthy a alignment once again.

  deep relaxation   allows your brainwaves to roll into the Delta phase,  which is a meditatiive state.

3. Personalized Meditation Packet  Information regarding your session, chakras + dosha balancing meditations, questions essential oils to go home with & explantions are answered after the appoitnmet in a follow up call or email.

Continued yoga & meditaiton practice heps maintain results.. 90mins/$120

"its all aboutthe Music of the Sphears."



Acutonics (R)


Matrix ENERGetics


Visit them at Whispering Dragon

 in Greenwood for an incredible meditative Sound-Healing experience in a room full of gongs & other percussion intruments. 

​I love my instructors!



What does a

chakra SOund Bath do?

Learn about meditation, mantras & Chakras with a personalized packet of information about your dosha & chakras (your energy!)

  • Open & heal your Heart Chakra
  • Stabilize emotions, balance your dosha.
  • Grounding for the Root chakra
  • Improve sleep, dreams, digestion, & energy, nerve  function and mental clarity
  • Alleviate mind & body stress and create new patterns that serve you better
  • Work through PTSD 
  • Improve positive manifestations in Life
  • Feel rejuvenated & fill the holes in your aura caused by stress, pollution & lifestyle
  • Ojas! Strong Aura
  • Help for Children too!  from special needs, hypersensitive issues, bed-wetting, stregthening self-confidence, or a simple desire to understand the self and child better. An Ayurvedic Dosha questionairre followed by Tuning forks and sound healing, can be great for hyper-sensitie children. When children learn to use meditaion at an early age, it gives them ability to remain adaotable ad strong in every stage of life. 

"For years I could not sleep through the night due to stress.  I slept like a ROCK after a sound bath by Lauren.

Highly reccomend it!"


Sound of Music Facial

Ayurvedic Facial with essential oils, tuning forks on your face, ears & head, to gently vibrate you into bliss, stimulating mind & body to release old patterns. Learn about essential oils & skin care & how it relates to your

total wellness. 



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"I felt my 3rd eye open!"


"I finally    relaxed for the first time in a long time. I love Sound Healing!"


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