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MicroCurrent Facial

with Ultrasound & LED 

"Learning Ayurveda with one-on-one help allows me stay accountable and working towards my goals" ~E.B.

"It felt like I was in a Cedar forest when I received a sound bath at the Beauty Room" ~T.S..


Using Holistic & Ayurvedic practices means to use Science & Nature together, for a complete approach to your skin care & wellness, aiding in stress reduction & skin soothing procedures, for your best results.

Professional & Organic skin care plus customized facials are desinged for you using 2 professional lines:

1. Organic Euro Institute Botanicals & Ayurvedic Skin Care Products: Formerly known as Vera Botania, organic ayurvedic cleansers, exfoliants, face masks, serums and moisturizers,  plus an additional part of the line that includes holistic botanical  yet professional clinical skin care only available through a licensed esthetician.  Locally made in Washington State for over 30years. Ayruveda is the ancient Eastern way of looking at ones total body health & using specific herbs & plants for your Dosha.

Get to know your dosha when you come in with a 15min quesitonairre &  find out what combination you are!

Also available online:​

1. Full Circle Ayurvedic Skin Care Products: made fresh & locally from Ayurvedic & intuitive recipes to balance all skin types. Try the TriDoshic Almond Scrub to get rid of Acne & balance all ski types. Natural Sun Serum is a potent blend of red raspberry seed oils, which have rare skin soothing & smoothing properties. Honeysuckle Rose Aloe Toner spray is another way to refhen dull or damaged skin. Stop by to test some samples & go home with some skin care goodies tonight!

These healthy skin brands, along with the use of anti-aging machines, essential oils  & Acutonic® vibrational sound healing therapies for a complete skin to spirit experience. 

Come into get your skin taken care of, find the right products for your skin type, experience Acutonic® Tuning Fork Sound Healing for relaxing mind & body.

Mind & body harmony play a big part in how your skin ages & reacts to different environments & stages of life. 

"Beauty is within, but that's no reason to ignore your skin!"

~Lauren, your Holistic Esthetician

Come in & see what you get when you combine art, science, Nature, compassion & integrity into your very own custom beauty routine. 



Skin Care & Sound Healing.

Are you ready for Ayurveda? 

Take your mind and leave it at the door, be ready for an epic journey Skin to Spirit, with divinely balanced botanicals & oils.

Ayurveda is an ancient concept dating back to 5000 year ago. It originated in Northern Africa & the Middle East. A sister science to Yoga, Ayurveda means Life-Wisdom; it is the Science of Life and is now being recognized for its healing and preventative benefits in Holistic and Western practices. Ayurvedic skin care uses harmony found in  Mother Nature & ancient holistic practices to bring your skin & spirit into its best natural health.

Treatments are for all ages & include Organic Ayurvedic facials, sugaring, mehndi, sound healing, palm reading & astrology. Specialty Ayurvedic Facials come with use of Acutonics Tuning Forks,  Microdermabraision, Micro Current, UltraSound, Ampoules & LED Lights for better product penetration & to see major improvements in your skins appearance. Freshy made Organic and retail products available.

The ancient art of Sugaring is done for the most efficient & smoothest way of hair removal. Similar feel to waxing. Come to your appoitnment fresly showered with hairs grown out to 1/4".

Sound Healing  & Deep relaxation for stress management and  Charkra Balancing, indivdual sound heaing attunement sessions, using marma point therapy, Aromatherapy and shamanic sound healing to harmonize mind & body. Sound Healing is combined with palm readings &  Astrology birth charts, for understanding ones life path & character, helping to allow one to be more grounded & "in tune" with themselves, for a more productive, efficient, harmonious life. Our world is made of vibrating particles, to better organize them we can experience sound healing  + chakra balancing, which can deeply affect your dreams, your life, your skin & your spirit. Sound healing is often reccomended as a follow up after palmistry, to harmonize energy.

Mehndi (henna) body art is done for brides, before vacations for men & women for decoration, for chakra balancing, pregnant bellies, girls parties & more. Henna is traditionally known as an ancient art &  feminine blessing of abundance & fertility.  It also cools the skin & helps alleviate skin conditions such as eczema, cracked dry skin & irritations. Mehndi designs are meditative & special to have from skin to spirit.

 Stains last 5-14 days.

 Customized home-care skin & spirit wellness routines are established with every client. Whatever your beauty needs are, there is a way to acheive it at

Full Cirlce Beauty Room!

Come visit for your best mind-body-spirit care right here in Maple Valley

Beauty from Skin to Spirit.

About Your Ayurvedic esthetician:  Lauren specializes in Holistic + Ayurvedic skin care & Acutonic sound healing. She received education from Kerala Ayurvedic Academy &  Euro Institute of Skin Care, and continues education from Kairos institute of Sound in Acutonics Planetary Sound Healing. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology/PT, from San Diego State University, giving her a unique scientific & intuitive background to create the most relaxing, restorative & rejuvenating services for stress relief inside & out. 

Spring Specials

3 Chakra Balancing Sound Baths                              $280

 Shirodhara  60min                                                         $140  

Ayurvedic Facial + Consult                                          $110

Palm Reading + Birth Chart (60min)                      $60

Henna Body Art                                                                $180 Full Leg


 Organic Ayurvedic Skin Care Products, Facials & Sugaring



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 Professional products by Dr. Spiller, Locally made Organic company Vera Botania, & DoTerra Essential Oils are used & sold for retail or customized blends at the Beauty Room.

Get a FREE Skin Evaluation today & see what your skin craves.

science & nature together


  • Holistic Facials + Microderm
  • Sugaring for Hair removal
  • Sound Healing + Chakra Balancing
  • Palm Readings (party rates available)
  • Meditation & Aromatherapy Consultations
  • Mehndi (henna) tattoo (party rates available)
  • Makeup Application & Lessions
  • Ayurvedic Skin Care products for sale
  • Gift Ccertificates


"I was preparing for my wedding & Lauren was able to help guide me with advice & products about my skin care & sugaring before the big day." ~KS.

Body art for all ages & occassions,

Try Mehndi, or Henna

"I love learning holistic and Ayurvedic ways to care for my skin.  I learn so much in every facial" ~K.H.

Kansa Stone used during the Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Facial

Acutonic Tuning Forks 

for Sound Healing


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Licensed Ayurvedic Esthetician & Acutonics  Sound Practitioner 

"Shirodhara was THE BEST! Most relaxing experience, ever"

~ V.T.